Auditions for Brunswick Little Theatre Production of

The Second Time Around

Play Synopsis:

Senior citizens Samuel Jonas and Laura Curtis, a widower and a widow, strike up a love affair. When they announce plans to live together without marrying so they can keep social security benefits they’d otherwise lose, their children hit the ceiling even though they were never close to their deceased parent and their own marriages leave a lot to be desired. Sam’s daughter is married to her ex analyst, a stuffy neurotic, and Laura’s son has a wife who is paranoid about food additives and their sexual performance. All ends well for the elderly twosome, but not before the entire second generation is in nervous fits.

Audition Location, Dates and Times

Brunswick Little Theatre, Classroom 1A, 8068 River Rd SE, Southport.

Saturday, April 13 and Sunday, April 14, 3 – 6 pm.

No need to prepare a monolog. We’ll do cold readings from the audition sides.

Rehearsal Schedule:

Mondays – Thursday evenings, April 22 – April 25, and May 13 – June 12. Some weekend rehearsals as required and in the last week before opening.

Performance Dates: Thursdays – Sundays, June 13 – 23.


SAMUEL JONAS – a widower just past sixty-five, alert, spritely, a nice human being.

LAURA CURTIS – in her mid-sixties, a pleasant, neat, devoted widow

MIKE CURTIS – son of Laura, a mid-thirties, hard-driving young businessman, with a nervous stomach.

CYNTHIA MORSE – daughter of Samuel, a suburban matron, neurotic.

ELEANOR – Mike’s wife, the face and smile of an angel, the soul and strength of a tyrant.

DR. ARTHUR MORSE – psychiatrist, husband of Cynthia, son-in-law of Samuel. Neurotic.

BRUCE MORSE – grandson of Samuel, son of Cynthia and Arthur, sophomore at Columbia, a nice young man with active libido. (A small role.)

ANGELA – a Barnard sophomore, with an angelic look and a relationship with Bruce. (A small role.)

Director: Don Fried.

Don has been a full-time playwright, screenwriter and theatre director and producer for 12 years. Don’s plays Senior Moments, Shakespeare Inc. and Betta Daze have been presented at Wilmington’s TheatreNOW in 2018-19.

More information: Contact Don — phone: 303-815-6164; email: